School Rankings – It’s not the be all and end all of your MBA journey

One of the most debated topic during the business school applications season (which seem to last year round) is the business school rankings. The two most cited publications for the business school ranking are – US News and Business Week (BW) . Although, rankings play a huge part while selecting a school, but as an applicant you should know the strengths of each school so that you can get the most out of your business school degree. In one of the upcoming posts I will get into detail on what to look when selecting a school.

I personally believe that US News provides a more accurate representation of business school rankings. However, there are people who beg to differ, especially students at Chicago Booth (Which is currently ranked number 1 by BW).

Although, rankings are important, but they should not drive your decision to apply or accept an offer. The only time when you will discuss rankings so much, will be NOW (during the application season). Do you even know what your undergrad institution is ranked currently? If you know the answer, more power to you. Also, if you care about rankings so much there is no way to guess what your b-school ranking will be in 5 years or 10 years down the road. So although, you might get into a top 5 program now, but in 10 years it might be ranked lower.

So to sign off, I just want to say that don’t obsess over rankings. Is there a difference between HBS and Kellogg. Yes definitely there is. But will it matter how your career progresses. Not really! You can be a superstar at Kellogg and love your 2 years there or you can be an infamous Harvard grad (Check this story – Harvard Begins Case Study as Tainted MBAs Reveal Damaged Brand )